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Baby Quasar MD PLUS (Quasar MD) VS Baby Quasar PLUS Red

On this Page we will attempt to compare the Baby Quasar MD PLUS (or Quasar MD PLUS) to the Baby Quasar PLUS Red. If you had any questions or comments about this comparison (or just to say hi) please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Baby Quasar MD PLUS VS. Baby Quasar PLUS Red

  Baby Quasar PLUS Red Baby Quasar MD PLUS
Image Red Baby Quasar LED Baby Quasar MD Red
Price $449.00 $399.00 $795.00 $636.00
Rating [4]
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Read Reviews
Summary Baby Quasar PLUS - Red LED Light Therapy Light therapy has taken the fight against aging to a whole new level and the Baby Quasar PLUS has quickly emerged as the most powerful consumer device on the market t... Baby Quasar MD PLUS - Red LED Light Therapy   More powerful and 3x more effective than the prestigious Baby Quasar PLUS Red, you will be able to achieve professional quality spa results in half the tim...
LED's 12 Red, 12 Infra-Red LED (3mm, Small) 12 Red, 12 Infra-Red LED (5mm, Large)
Power 1X Power 3X Power (Faster, more Effective Treatment)
Time 24 - 36 Minutes/Treatment 12 - 22 Minutes/Treatment
Sessions 2-3 Treatments/Week 1 Treatment/Week
Directions Directions of Use Directions of Use
Warranty 5 Year Unconditional, Unlimited Warranty 5 Year Unconditional, Unlimited Warranty
With DermaPoise and Baby Quasar DermaPoise and Baby Quasar
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